3D Mink Lash Extensions

3d mink lash extensions have a protective effect. Upper and lower blepharon eyelashes resemble the guard of the line, arranged on the edge of the palpebral fissure. 3d mink lash extensions are the second line of the eye. Anything close to the eye, first of all to touch the eyelash, which immediately causes closed eye reflex, protect the eyeball from foreign invasion. Have the light, prevent dust, foreign body, sweat enter the eye, and eyelid together to protect the cornea, the eyeball. Eyelashes can also prevent uv damage to the eyes.

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3d mink lash extensions

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Name:3d mink lash extensions D006


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3d mink lash extensions D006 is a resplendent 3d mink lashes,this model lash is flabby, spongy and so flexible.

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We have more than hundreds of 3d mink lash extensions for you to choose from, we can also custom for you if you have photos or sample.

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