3D Eyelashes dubai

3d eyelashes Dubai In a all over the sky snow night, a little match girl belly nestled in the corner, she struck the last match, at this time, she is found by the light of his beautiful 3d eyelashes Dubai, suddenly, there was a light in his eyes…

Product Details

3d eyelashes Dubai Feature

*Every Single lashes are Sterilized and Hand Made to Ensure Quality and Durability
*Easy to Apply and Do not Harm Your Eyes
*Natural looking black strip lashes
*Can be used for many times if the eyelashes are used and removed properly

How To Apply:
-Measure the lashes against your eyes
-If too wide
, trim lashes one at a time from the outside edge
-Apply a line of adhesive to the lash band, close to the lash roots and wait at least 30 seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky
-Apply the lashes just above the natural lash line, application is aided by looking downwards into a mirror
-Press gently across the lash line paying more attention to the ends, hold for a few seconds

Removal And Care:
-To remove hold lashes on the outer edge and gently peel off
-Remove lashes before sleeping
-If these lashes are cared for and stored well, they can be used again and again

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