Eye Cooling Pads PAD001

Eye Cooling Pads PAD001

eye cooling pads PAD001 -10 pairs per set - be favourable to save the cost, 10% lower than normal single pair package eyepatch. -no residual gel , no crumbs and rich hydrated - very thinner and soft , only 0.43mm thickness -notched on the eyepatch can help to cover eye skin better during eyelash...

Product Details

eye cooling pads PAD001

-10 pairs per set - be favourable to save the cost, 10% lower than normal single pair package eyepatch.
-no residual gel,no crumbs and rich hydrated
-very thinner and soft,only 0.43mm thickness
-notched on the eyepatch can help to cover eye skin better during eyelash extension
-Be helpful to lift and tighten the ocular skin after long time using