Fake eyelashes, we need to pay attention to what?

- Jan 21, 2018-

Fake eyelashes, we need to pay attention to what?

1, usually choose to wear more natural sparse lashes. The best length of the eyelashes should be longer than the length of the eye, the width of the selection according to individual eye type.

2, in accordance with personal style to choose their own fake eyelashes. False eyelashes are divided into thick, natural type.

3, can also be cut into a bunch of false eyelashes. Paste false eyelashes, pay attention to the density of eyelashes, it is best to be properly trimmed after the paste, then apply some mascara to get the effect of real ones.

4, need to attend the party, you can choose even more exaggerated even more exaggerated false eyelashes, wear eyelashes and false eyelashes can not be made into a clear upper and lower two layers.

5, and then false real false eyelashes will be different with the real eyelashes texture and color, in order to make true and false eyelashes fused more closely, be sure to brush mascara. Close to the roots of eyelashes, the power decreases to the outside, so it is very natural.

6, whether it is a root, a cluster or a paragraph of false eyelashes affixed to the eyelids, even if posted carefully, it is inevitable that the roots will be uneven, resulting in not refined. So you must use the liner to the inner corner of the eye to the end of the neatly drawn. Puff how to clean?