How to draw earth color eyeshadow to look good?

- Feb 02, 2018-

Speaking of universal eye shadow, the first time should be reminded of the earth color it, not only by the major beauty bloggers pushed to bad, and even a variety of beauty brands not a series of earth color eye shadow are embarrassed to come up. How beautiful is the earth color? How to draw earth color eyeshadow to look good?

What is the color of the eye shadow Whether it is banquet or daily can hold live? Of course, non-earth color must go! Want to use Earth color eye shadow to take the level of the eye, but how to draw can only draw the panda eye? Teach you how to use the earth color eye makeup, do not learn to lose!

STYLE 1: earthy eye shadow is characterized by gentle yet elegant yet elegant. How to make good use of earth color is the key to get the sense of depth and depth of the eyes.

STEP 2: Stick to the finger with pearl light brown brown eyeshadow over a wide range of eyelids, to a small amount of times, the focus should be to create a shallow to deep feeling.

STEP 3: Select the brown eye shadow pen as the outer liner from the eye contour along the eye has been drawn to the end of the eye, to deepen the deep sense of the eye.

STEP 4: part of the eyeliner also choose brown eyeliner pen, eyelashes fill the roots to draw a thin eyeliner. Brown eyeliner has the effect of magnifying eyes and soft eyes.

STEP 5: The last eyelash curler clip Alice, natural painted black mascara, slender lashes and root clear. Department of earth makeup eye finish!

STYLE 6: In the earth color, the bronze makeup is usually unique. In addition to the original earth color soft feeling, but also added a little casual cool handsome sense.

STEP 7: Select the creamy texture of the eye shadow of bronze along the roots of lashes in the figure white dotted arc, the eyeshadows painted orbital. Bronze comes with pearl can light the eyes of the look.

STEP 8: Pearlescent beige eye shadow superimposed on the center of the eyelid, enhance the eye moist gloss. Pearlescent beige eyeshadow has the effect of increasing the eye on the white dotted circle.

STEP 9: In the corner of the eyelids with reddish brown pearl eye shadow in the picture on the white slash. Red-brown eyeshadow dyed in the eye tail, creating a sense of the level of the eye.

STEP 10: moisturizing eyebrow makeup and bronze makeup is also take, choose a transparent mascara eyebrows to the natural growth of the place combing, and the eyelid gloss more harmonious.