How to paste false eyelashes?

- Dec 21, 2017-

How to paste false eyelashes?

First brush a thin layer of mascara, then stick on. False eyelashes usage:

1, first use eyelash curler clip their own eyelashes, mascara brush to help maintain curl. Brush a thin layer of mascara, the best choice curling type, the purpose is to help real eyelashes and false eyelashes fit, does not appear two layers of eyelashes predicament.

2, the false eyelashes compare the length of the eyes, because each person's eye are not the same, you need to confirm the length, the eyelashes do moderate pruning.

3, curved eyelashes curved, like lashes to do massage, which allows more natural eyelashes, adjusting for the curvature of the eye.

4, trim the length needed, usually long eyelashes at the end of the eye, cut off from this end, short eyelashes are retained, so that it may seem more natural, do pay attention to two false eyelashes to be cut symmetrical.

5, the eyelashes viscose applied to the bottom of eyelash terrier. Help false eyelashes attached to the top of the real eyelashes, no foreign body sensation.

6, calculate the location, starting from the middle of the eyelids paste, so easy to adjust.

7, until the semi-dry eyelash glue to reach the maximum viscosity, then both ends of the help to go, along the eye-shaped arc posted good.

8, in order to avoid two layers of eyelashes, after the paste should be true and false eyelashes lightly squeezed nostrils.

9, if you feel Alice is not enough Alice, you can gently clip the lashes again, the intensity must be light, otherwise it may undermine the arc.

10, check the lashes posted at the junction there is no gap, you can use eyeliner or eyeliner gel filling the gap, so that eyelashes look more natural.