Want to show love to the whole world?

- Feb 26, 2018-

Can't wait to get out and see him? Want to show love to the whole world? Don't prepare a good makeup how to line, quickly turn a beautiful date makeup, let others eat dog food go!

Step 1: With eyebrow brush lightly dip eyebrow powder, follow the eyebrows of the radian painted, eyebrow tail slightly droop, this will make the whole person appear more gentle.

Step 2: Choose pink eye shadow, evenly sweep in the entire orbit, and then with eye shadow brush dip brown eye shadow, brushing along the eyelashes, so that the eyes appear more God!

Step 3: Select a eyeliner pen, follow the root of the lashes, remember to fill the gap in the eyelashes, eyeliner remember a little beyond the corner of the eye.

Step 4: Use the eyelash clip after the eyelash, use the spiral brush along the "Z" zigzag brush lashes, feel that the baby can now rub off some mascara on the paper, so that makeup more natural.

Step 5: Choose your favorite blush, with your fingers gently point to the cheek under the eyes, make makeup overall look more lovely temptation.

Step 6: Choose a pink lipstick covered the entire lip, so that the color of makeup more unified.