Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

How to make your Magnetic Eyelash Extensions be sexier? if you want to make your Magnetic Eyelash Extensions look sexier, use mascara with a mascara brush and apply it directly to the top of the lash line from the bottom to the top. Such a method can make Magnetic Eyelash Extensions look a bit blurred and messy, the sex appeal that shows proper sex in the blink of an eye.

Product Details

Magnetic Eyelash Extensions Features: 

Long Lasting & volume: More durable and volume than round eyelash extensions. 
Grafting easy: easy to remove, easy to pick, stable curl, no residue, no kink mink lash extension. 
More natural: tapered end lashes, mimic the real lash end, look more natural. 
How to use? 
Clean up your or your customer's eyelashes with professional eyelashes cleaner. 
Separate the eyelashes up and down with protecting under eye pad. 
Comb the eyelashes smoothly with eyelashes comb. 
Choose the eyelashes that are suitable for you or your customer after observing yours or customer's eyelashes. 
When gluing the eyelashes extension glue, it only needs gluing to one-third of the eyelash. There should not have to air bubble on the glue at the false eyelashes. Individual eyelashes cannot be glued at the root of the real eyelashes and skin. It should deviate from the root of the real eyelash 0.5-1mm, and glue on the real eyelash one side. One eyelash extension should be glued on the one real eyelash. The space of each eyelash being glued should be poorly apart. It should take about 40 seconds to dry it, and then glue the other eyelash successively after they are dry completely.
Warm tips: 
Please keep these lashes in cool and dry place, and use professional eyelash extensions glue. 
These are for salon perfect or professional use.


Magnetic Eyelash Extensions


Durable up to 25-30 times

Eyelash material

Magnetic Eyelash Extensions



Place of Origin

Shandong, China(Mainland)


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Brand Name

Green Lash



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Payment term

PayPal, TT, Western Union


Natural Black

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