Description Of The Mink

- Oct 21, 2017-


American / European mink body slender, male body length 38-42 cm, tail length 20 cm, weight 1.6-2.2 kg, female (female) Smaller. Hairy brown, jaw with white spots, small head, eye round, ears were semicircular, slightly higher than the head and tend to forward, can not swing. Neck is short. Limbs stout, forelimb slightly shorter than the hind legs, refers to the toe between the webbed, the web between the toes between the more obvious, foot pad meat pad. Tail slender, fluffy.

Mink in the animal taxonomy belongs to the mammalian, carnivorous, ferret, ferret is a small precious fur animals. In the wild state, there are two kinds of American mink (M.vison) and European mink (M. lutreola). Now the world's artificial rearing are the descendants of the United States and Europe mink.

Their fur is dark brown. Mainly at night activities, eat small rodents, also eat mole crickets, frogs and fish. Living in the stream of the shore of the hole or between the rock, and some breeding grounds to catch the mink to take its fur.