How Long Does It Take To Graft The Eyelashes?

- Dec 18, 2018-

How long does it take to graft the eyelashes? It takes a couple of hours to make your makeup remover a little fairy.

How long does it take to graft the eyelashes? After grafting the eyelashes, you can make the eyelashes grow, add your personal charm, and more importantly, you don't have to draw any eyeliner after grafting the eyelashes. So how long does it take to graft the eyelashes? Is it enough to take eyelashes for an hour?

How long does it take to graft the eyelashes?

The entire process of grafting eyelashes in a single time takes 60-120 minutes, and the time required to graft the eyelashes is determined by the individual eyelash density, individual eye shape, and eyelash growth state.

If you only count the time to graft the eyelashes, look at the eyelash effect you need. Eyelash grafting time with natural concentration is usually 45-60 minutes, and it takes 90-120 minutes to graft thick eyelashes.

How to choose the eyelashes for your own eyelashes

The studio that grafts the eyelashes will provide different styles of eyelashes for the beauty lovers to choose. Different eyelashes can also make our eyes show different effects. The temperament gas field after grafting is also different. Here, it is recommended that Amy's little masters choose a time-filled day before grafting eyelashes. It is best to refer to the studio to make a successful case of grafting eyelashes beforehand, pick out the shape that you like, and communicate with the eyelash operators on the spot. If you have the habit of wearing spectacles on weekdays, we must consider the length and curl of the lashes in advance so that the length of the lashes will be directly poked into the lens, which is not necessary and not necessary.

How long can the grafting eyelashes last?

Grafting eyelashes can usually last for 4-6 weeks. Usually, the studio or body that grafts the eyelashes will have free eyelashes for one week. At this time, you can choose to make up the eyelashes, but don't repeat the eyelashes. Because this is a big stimulus for the eyes. Many sister paper eyelashes will be defective in the fourth week after grafting, resulting in uneven eyelash length. In this case, the sister papers should realize that it is not meaningful to keep the existing eyelashes. It is recommended to find the original mechanism to remove the eyelashes.

Will the eyelashes fall after grafting the eyelashes?

After the sister papers are grafted to the eyelashes, there may be a phenomenon of falling off the eyelashes, but it is normal to drop 3 to 4 per day, and don't worry too much. Most of the sister paper will lose half of the grafted eyelashes after one month. If you can't immediately remove the eyelashes from the store, you can use the segmental false eyelashes to deal with the fallout period.

How to stay longer after grafting eyelashes

Avoid eyelashes for 48 hours

Every time the sister paper grafts the eyelashes, whether it is re-grafting eyelashes or repairing eyelashes, it is necessary to avoid contact with water within forty-eight hours. This also means washing your hair before you graft the eyelashes. After you have finished the eyelashes, you need to avoid the shower.

Do not do strenuous exercise and contact with high temperature environment within three days

After grafting the eyelashes, in order to prevent sweat from irritating the eyes and affecting the adhesion of the glue, the sister paper should avoid contact with water vapor within 3 days. Can't do sauna, yoga, or sports that are prone to sweating.

No oily skin care products

Make sure that the products you use do not contain oil, because mineral oil, bourbon oil, etc. in cosmetics, make-up removers, skin care products, etc. will make the glue that grafts the eyelashes lose their viscosity.

Avoid using waterproof products on the face

Avoid using waterproof cosmetics such as waterproof mascara and waterproof sunscreen spray. Because it touches the eyelash glue, it will break the glue, and the grafted eyelashes will fall off in advance.

Avoid pulling eyelashes

If your eyelashes are accidentally cautious because of improper care, be very messy, remember not to pull your eyelashes with your hand. If you find that the eyelashes are messy, pull the eyelashes. Not only will the grafted eyelashes be pulled down, but your original eyelashes will also be pulled off. At this time, the correct way is to use a toothbrush with a toothbrush to comb the eyelashes in one direction, and the eyelashes can be restored to the original.

No special circumstances without makeup

After grafting the eyelashes, it is recommended that the sister papers make up as little makeup as possible. Because our makeup and make-up removers will not touch the eyelashes, too much contact with the eyelashes is not conducive to the maintenance of grafting eyelashes. Moreover, the less makeup, the fewer times you touch the eyelashes, the less the eyelashes will fall off, the more eyelashes will remain, and the longer the eyelashes will last.